Decorating with Succulents

If you need a little something to spruce up a bare kitchen or a backyard container, succulents are the way to go. These are both indoor and outdoor plants known for their water-saving habits (they resist drought), easy maintenance, and, of course, beauty. Succulent plants are extremely versatile and can be mixed with different kinds to make a beautiful piece of living art. succulents

When you begin to choose which plant to decorate with, first take into account the attributes of the vessel it is to be placed in. What color? Is it ceramic, glass, stone, or even an old shoe? (Seriously — these plants can live in anything!) Once this is chosen, pick your potting mix and fill it up. Some suggest that you mix the potting mix with gravel, but this is something that is up to the individual gardener. Then water it down before you begin to place the plants.

When you choose the succulents, it is aesthetically pleasing to plant a larger one and then surround it with a few smaller ones. Clustering the smaller ones based on shape/size is also a great idea. When finished planting, sprinkle a dark colored gravel around each plant until all of the dirt is covered.20150504_084613-1
Now, all that’s left is to find a place to put it, indoors or outdoors, and to make sure and not forget to water it. Keep in mind if they are indoors, they need to have sunlight so a window sill is a great spot for them and also, make sure to water them about every 2 weeks or when the dirt is dry. If you are unsure about how to plant them, just ask us! We’d love to guide you in this beautiful addition to your home or garden.

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