Archives for July 2013

You Pick It, We’ll Plant It!

You know that you want a beautiful yard. You’ve bought your trees, shrubs, flowers and planting mix. You want them planted so they will be a sight to behold! We can do that for you!  Yes, you could dig into that hard Georgia clay but why not leave it to our professionals to do the sweating? We love … [Read more...]

Plants that love and can handle the heat!

The heat is on! July and August are hot, humid months and require tough plants that can tolerate these conditions. Summers can bring HOT temperatures so being prepared with the right plants is key! Making sure that your plants are tough enough to survive in these harsh summer heat is the first step. … [Read more...]

Rain, rain go away! Will my plants recover from all the rain?

If you are in the Southeast, especially Georgia, you are feeling the effects of the rainfall that has been sitting over us! Preparing for spring and summer gardening has not turned out how we all planned, but instead have had to deal with a chilly spring, flooding, intense rain, and over watering of … [Read more...]