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Merry Christmas from The Family Tree Garden Center!

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Warmest Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Family Tree Garden Center team! We would like to express our greatest appreciation for all of the love and support you have given to us and we are excited for 2014!

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house, it’s wrapping and taping and tying of bows. With Christmas almost here and not everyone on your list taken care of, where should you go for last minute gift ideas for the ones you love? Lucky for you, The Family Tree Garden Center is around the corner with great last minute gift ideas to fill those stockings this season! Even better news for all you shoppers heading our way, today is Wacky Wednesday and our Christmas shop décor, flocked trees, Christmas cactus are on sale today for 50% off!

Have a picky person on your list? That’s okay! Let them pick their gift with a giftcard.


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12 Plants of Christmas from The Family Tree

Are you having trouble coming up with new gift ideas? Do you need a gift for someone who has everything?  Or a gift that keeps on giving? Though the possibilities are endless, these 12 plants of Christmas are some great south-loving plants that are
sure to please.

12 plants of Christmas-1Heleborus: When winter seems interminable, you get a cheerful reminder that spring is just around the corner when helebores start to bloom in February. Also known as Lenten rose, this evergreen perennial has glossy dark green leaves and sweet bell-shaped nodding flowers that bloom for weeks in a kaleidoscope of colors. This is a must-have for the shade garden.

Hydrangea: The hydrangea is the quintessential old-fashioned southern shrub and a great pass-a long plant.  This summer-blooming shrub sports a number of varieties with lace-cap and mophead blossoms. Place this beauty where you can enjoy it in a shady, moist area of the garden with room to spread.

Camellia: Always a favorite in the southern garden.  Every garden needs a camellia or two. Camellia sasanqua has smaller leaves and blooms in late fall through the end of the year. Camellia japonica has larger leaves and flowers in late winter and early spring. These partial shade loving shrubs make great borders and can be pruned to become small trees. There are an abundance of species to choose from with blooms in colors of white, pink and red.

Magnolia: Native magnolias are huge and don’t fit in many of our reduced landscape sites. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ is evergreen and only gets about 15-20’ tall. The glossy green leaves and flowers are smaller and starts blooming much earlier than the larger species. Classic, fragrant white blossoms begin in summer and continue through the fall.

Blueberries: One of the many fruit plants that love the southern climate, blueberries thrive in a sunny location.  Full of healthy antioxidants and vitamins, this gift is not only a striking large shrub, it’s good for you and tasty too!

Butterfly Bush: This easy-care deciduous bush attracts butterflies and hummingbirds alike.  Plant in full sun for beautiful long-blooming summer spike flowers. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Coral Bark Japanese Maple: For more spectacular winter interest, plant the coral bark maple and enjoy the bright bare crimson branches against the drab winter background. During the growing season, the leaves are a pretty green and then turn yellow in autumn for all-season interest.

Tea Olive: This large evergreen shrub can be pruned into a small tree. It is prized for the powerful fragrance of its small white flowers that bloom periodically throughout the year. Plant a tea olive where you can enjoy the scent.

Acorus grass: This sweet little perennial has bright yellow/green blades that stand out when summer annuals begin to fade. Plant Acorus as an accent to provide texture to any garden.

Dogwood: Perfect for smaller yards, this beautiful tree offers a burst of color in spring, bright red berries in late summer, gorgeous fall color and striking bark in the winter.  It is adaptable to most conditions and you can choose from pink, white and red flowers.

Daffodils and Tulip bulbs among many other spring blooming bulbs can be planted in November and December for low maintenance spring color.  As each flower pops up, your recipient will be reminded of your thoughtful gift.

Design & Landscape: There are so many plants to choose from!  How do you decide?  Give the ultimate gift.  A gift certificate for a professionally designed landscape plan by one of The Family Tree designers.

Call today for details. You don’t have to be a master gardener to enjoy the health benefits of gardening. Your body, mind, soul and spirit will be refreshed and healthier by spending a little time in your garden.  Giving plants as a gift keeps memories alive year after year.

We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook , TwitterGoogle+!

Petey heads back to the North Pole

As Petey heads back to the North Pole, we want to take today’s blog post to recap all that he learned, experienced and helped out with during his time at The Family Tree! With 12 days of fun, Petey had some great adventures….


Day One: Petey helped The Family Tree team unload the Christmas cactus in time for the holiday rush!


Day Two: Christmas Trees are here! Fresh, full, hand selected Fraser Firs starting at just $29.95. Petey was SO excited to see trees hanging in our covered greenhouse and helped unload them for all of you to enjoy!


Day Three: Petey helped Regina Lewis make a festive holiday bow. Regina has been working hard for months making beautiful bows. Petey wanted to help!


Day Four: Petey LOVES McCutcheon products and had a hard time choosing which one he wanted to bring back to Mrs. Claus! YUMMY!


Day Five: Petey was sitting in the Helleborus (Lenten Rose), enjoying the sunshine! What an awesome winter plant for a shady area! It even blooms January through May!


Day Six: Petey is sipping a cup of steaming apple cider as he waited for the Christmas Open House to start!


Day Seven: Petey is helped Joe custom flock Fraser Firs. Flocked trees are great – they come with their own stand, look like a snowy winterland and don’t need to be watered!


Day Eight: Petey loves birds and finds great feed at The Family Tree! We offer The Family Tree brand Bird feed and other great brands! It is great for all birds. Petey loves the huge selection of feeders, houses and accessories too!


Day Nine: Petey is a little too big to fit into these beautiful Christmas terrariums but he is thinking about taking one back to the North Pole. He says Mrs. Claus would love one for her kitchen table.


Day Ten: Petey loves the custom made centerpieces from The Family Tree Garden Center. Here he helped Laurie show off her beautiful creation.


Day Eleven: Petey is waiting on his appointment for Quick Sketch. Petey needs help with his yard. Our designers are here to help you with your yard too!


Day Twelve: Petey thinks this wind spinner will help him get home faster. He thinks Mrs. Petey will really like it for Christmas!
Petey and The Family Tree thank everyone for playing along, Merry Christmas – oh and all The Family Tree Garden Center Christmas gift shop décor is 15% off this week!!!