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You Can Grow Plants In Your Home, Yes, Even You!

Have you considered houseplants?  Maybe you think you can’t grow anything?  Maybe you’ve tried a couple of plants and felt like they hated you?  NOT SO! Studies show that plants can help the air quality in your home; a few well placed stylish plants can even help in the sale of your home.  Plants … [Read more...]

Benefits of Houseplants!

With flu and cold season in full swing, anything that helps with keeping a healthy home is right up our alley! Don't you agree? As many of you know, plants are a great source of producing oxygen and having them in your home has been proven to provide a zen feeling. Even better, plants in the home … [Read more...]

Attracting and Taking Care of Wild Birds

Attracting Wild Birds To attract birds at any time of the year, there are some essentials to consider. All of these needs must be met for birds to come and stay a while: • plants • food • water • shelterPlants are important for food and shelter.  Plants that provide nectar, fruits, … [Read more...]

Designing with Houseplants

There are so many wonderful benefits in incorporating houseplants into your decor. Not only does it bring a natural and fresh feel to the house, it also has great health benefits. In today's post we are going to touch on how to use houseplants with your home design and great finds at The Family Tree … [Read more...]