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Get Started: Lawn Care and Maintenance

We are approaching that time of year when our lawns will require a little care and attention.  If you maintain your lawn yourself, then there is a very useful calendar that the University of Georgia publishes that sets out when you should fertilize, apply pre-emergent weed herbicides, aerate and … [Read more...]

What are GMO, Non-GMO, Organic, or Heirloom Seeds?

The weather has warmed up and the gardener in us is getting excited about the possibilities of spring!  We start thinking about what seeds we should be starting, but sometimes we get confused by the seed labels and are not sure whether we should buy heirloom seeds, organic seeds, or non-GMO seeds.  … [Read more...]

March Gardening To Do’s

March is an exciting time in the garden as we watch the plants, flowers, shrubs and trees come to life and burst with color! Remember that the weather, on average, can be at or below freezing up until the middle of April, so there are still some items that can be taken care of in March to get ready … [Read more...]

Roses Are Beautiful And Elegant Additions To Your Garden

  There are a few things to consider when choosing your rose. Firstly, think about color. Roses come in all colors except blue, so think about where you would like to place the rose in your landscape. Look at what plants the rose will be next to and choose a color that would either ‘pop’ or … [Read more...]