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Small Trees for Small Spaces

We are often asked to recommend trees that don't get too big whether it be for a specimen tree in a small space or just a small tree for the front yard.  There are many trees that fall into this category and it depends on whether you want a tree for the sun or the shade.  Listed below are several … [Read more...]

April and May Upcoming Events

Here at The Family Tree Garden Center, we are passionate about bringing in experts, influencers and game changers in the green industry. We hope that each event that we provide gives you actionable guidance in getting your garden, lawn or home started for the spring season. Below we have included a … [Read more...]

Easter Decor Ideas

Here at The Family Tree Garden Center, we are filled with pastel decor, bunnies, decorative eggs and stylish decor for your table settings, garden or front patio this Easter. If it's celebrating with family, friends or just enjoying it solo, we have Easter indoor and outdoor inspired decor to make … [Read more...]

May Gardening To Do’s

May is one of the prettiest times in the garden. To keep it beautiful, you’ll just need to get out there and enjoy some time in your garden. Vegetable and Flower Garden:You should have pulled up your Pansies by now and replaced them with summer annuals such as Petunias, Begonias, Vinca, … [Read more...]

April Gardening To Do’s

April showers bring May flowers and more things to do in the garden! With spring time here for all to enjoy, The Family Tree is excited to get going on planting, trimming, and fertilizing the garden, shrubs and lawns.Vegetable and Flower Garden:Start by hardening off seedlings that you … [Read more...]