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Can You Plant In The Summer?

Many years ago when you could only buy plants bare root or balled in burlap, summer planting was a no-no.  The shock to the roots was just too great.  Now, plants are grown in containers.  Containers have essentially eliminated the shock to the roots.  Planting in the summer is no longer taboo even … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Front Porch

If you are looking for color, creativity or just looking to spruce up your home, The Family Tree Garden Center has everything you are looking for and more! Inspired by the AJC article we were just featured in, we decided to put together a few ideas for you to spruce up your front porch or … [Read more...]

Soil To Supper

Is your garden supplying an overload of fruits and vegetables this summer? Looking for creative ways to cook all of your yummy produce? The Family Tree Garden Center has pulled together a few of our favorite recipes for some of this summers fast growing veggies.Quick Sweet Pickles: "'Beit … [Read more...]

June To July Garden Chores

 The heat of summer is upon us all here at the Family Tree Garden Center in Snellville.  We hope you are enjoying your summer garden and the fruits of your labor. The Family Tree puts together these monthly gardening tips to help you keep your summer garden looking great into the fall. … [Read more...]