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Can You Plant In The Summer?

We can do the work!

We can do the work!

Many years ago when you could only buy plants bare root or balled in burlap, summer planting was a no-no.  The shock to the roots was just too great.  Now, plants are grown in containers.  Containers have essentially eliminated the shock to the roots.  Planting in the summer is no longer taboo even though the myth has prevailed. Container plants can be planted any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen.  In the summer, the full flush of growth allows you to better visualize the total effect of a plant.  You can see its form along with the color of its foliage or flowers.  Perennials and deciduous trees are especially nice to plant in the summer for that reason. 

Feel free to plant your trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials this summer!

Here are a few tips for success.  Preparation is the key!

•  Soak the root ball before planting.
•  Dig a hole deeper and twice as wide as the plant’s root ball.
•  Fill the hole with water and let it drain
•  Mix the soil that came out of the hole with a quality planting mix
•  Add the mix back into the hole, enough so the plant’s stem or trunk will not be buried
•  Place the root ball into the hole
•  Fill the hole with the soil mixture and tamp soil to remove air pockets
•  Do no plant your plant deeper than it is planted in the container.

Your plants will benefit from a generous layer of mulch such as pine bark or cypress mulch. A really great tip for starting any new plant is to use Bonide Root and Grow.  This root stimulator gives your newly planted plants energy to grow deep healthy roots from the get go.

A few more tips for your newly planted beauties:

•  Watering deep is more important than watering frequencies.  2 or 3 times a week deep watering is plenty for starting your plants in the summer.
•  Fertilize your plants about a month after plants. (Use Bonide Root and Grow at time of planting.)

Remember our planting service!  We can do the hard work of digging in the red clay for you! We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook ,Twitter,  Google+!

Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Front Porch

If you are looking for color, creativity or just looking to spruce up your home, The Family Tree Garden Center has everything you are looking for and more! Inspired by the AJC article we were just featured in, we decided to put together a few ideas for you to spruce up your front porch or patio.


1. Flowers: The Family Tree has a variety of colors, selection and containers to place your flowers in and keep your patio or fronch porch looking alive!


2. Container Gardening: Think of a container garden as if you were following a recipe.  By following a simple recipe, planting a container gardens couldn’t be easier. All you need is potting soil, plants, a sturdy container and fertilizer.




3. Outdoor Artwork: We sell canvases by West of the Wind, that are UV protected and 100 percent waterproof. 


4. Outdoor Decor: With a selection of vases, paintings, pots, and more, you are sure to find all the accessories you need to add to your home and outdoor selection.


5. Terrariums: Bring the outdoors, indoors with beautiful terrariums from The Family Tree Garden center. 

We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook ,Twitter,  Google+!

Soil To Supper

Is your garden supplying an overload of fruits and vegetables this summer? Looking for creative ways to cook all of your yummy produce? The Family Tree Garden Center has pulled together a few of our favorite recipes for some of this summers fast growing veggies.

John Kernick via Country Living

John Kernick via Country Living

Quick Sweet Pickles: “‘Beit Alpha’ isn’t your usual pickling cucumber, but it’s perfect for this eat-right-away snack.” – Deborah Madison, author of Seasonal Fruit Desserts. Recipe via Country Living.

Veggie Highlight: ‘Beit Alpha’ cucumbers, red onions, torn dill sprigs and whole peppercorns.

stuffed zuch 2

Grilled and Stuffed Zucchini: Get your grill going for these delicious zucchini boats! Photo Credit: Our Best Bites

Veggie Hightlight: Zucchini, Red Onions, Garlic, Tomato, and Basil


Watermelon and Cucumber Salad via Get Healthily ConfidentialAll you do is cut up some watermelon, some Persian cucumbers, a scallion and some feta cheese. Combine it with a little salt, a little pepper, and the ever so delicious trader joes orange muscat champagne vinegar.

Veggie Highlight: Watermelon, Cucumber and Scallions

Looking for more recipe ideas? Visit our Pinterest board today!

June To July Garden Chores



The heat of summer is upon us all here at the Family Tree Garden Center in Snellville.  We hope you are enjoying your summer garden and the fruits of your labor. The Family Tree puts together these monthly gardening tips to help you keep your summer garden looking great into the fall.  A little summer garden maintenance now will keep your weekends free later, and your garden enjoyment greater!

Maintenance for Annuals

  • Make sure mulch is still covering roots, keeping them cool and moist.
  • Fertilize every 3-6 weeks with a water soluble fertilizer.
  • Deadhead regularly to encourage new growth.
  • Water whenever the soil feels dry about 1” below the surface.

FAMILY TREE STAFF INSIDER TIP: If you are going away for a week or two in the summer, prune the annuals in your garden just before you leave and they will likely be back in bloom when you return!

Maintenance for Perennials

  • Water only plants that need it, not on a fixed schedule
  • Remove weeds by hand if possible, to avoid injuring plants.
  • Replenish mulch to conserve moisture and control weeds.
  • Fertilize if needed, but make sure to wash any off the foliage to prevent burn.
  • Stake those that are top-heavy to prevent wind and rain damage.
  • Deadhead to encourage the production of new flowers.
  • Shear or cut back a little to keep plants dense and encourage late season blooms.
  • Take note if you see disease or pests. We have information here to help you determine which product is best for you.

Lawn and Turf Maintenance

  • Check your mower height. Make sure it is the right height and that the blade is sharp.
  • Aerate! Soil compaction is a problem in Snellville and throughout Georgia because of the clay composition.
  • If you have spots in your lawn, garden or turf that are in need of repair, here is a link for information about our sod: sod-information

Tree Maintenance

  • Watch for wilting. Heat affects the trees too, so take a look at your trees to see if they are getting enough water.
  • Fertilize now if needed to promote new growth. For information on our site about fertilizers and treatments, follow this link for solutions.
  • Prune away dead, diseased or damaged branches during the summer. But be careful! Many trees are more prone to disease if pruned in the summer. If you aren’t sure what kind of tree you have or how to care for it, talk to our expert staff or check out the trees section on the website.

Water Schedule

Stay informed about the water schedule when you are summer gardening in Snellville and Gwinnett County, by visiting the county website at: