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More Fun With Your Garden

Have you been gardening all summer and have more fruits and vegetables than you can eat and gorgeous flowers you wish you could preserve? We understand that challenge and have put together a post that will give you the chance to not only have fun with your garden but play with your food! Get … [Read more...]

Top 5 Benefits of Houseplants

Did you know? Houseplants benefit your overall health and wellness in addition to making your home look beautiful and inviting! This season, The Family Tree has received a range of gorgeous houseplants of every shape, color and style. We’ve got hundreds for bright light and low light, large areas … [Read more...]

Top Low Growing Flowering Shrubs

Happy August! With kids going back to school, it might feel like summer is already over but actually it's still here and ready for you to take advantage of the sun and heat to plant some beautiful flowering shrubs.In today's post, The Family Tree Garden Center has put together three great low … [Read more...]