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Landscape Design At Your Finger Tips

Imagine perfect fragrances, abundance of glorious colors, and even edible and floral bouquets to last a lifetime. Surround yourself with Japanese, story book, or English style cottage garden experiences - or chose a unique theme to delight the whole family, such as the sustainable edible landscape, … [Read more...]

Build a Terrarium Garden with these 5 Steps

Bringing outdoor gardens inside is easy and fun. A terrarium garden is a great way to get your outdoor gardening fix, while adding a beautiful decorative piece to your home or office. Here are the steps you need to take to create the perfect terrarium. You can use any type of container for your … [Read more...]

DIY Flowerpots for The Birds

DIY Project For Birds & Flowers (Compliments of Home Stories)Birds, flowers, and a craft for your garden.  What could be better?  This easy DIY project will create smiles with the seasons. Make it your own by using your own measurements and judgment. These are guidelines to follow so be … [Read more...]

Planning Is Easy With The Family Tree

So you may not want to get out in the cold this time of year, but January and February are the perfect time to start planning for a beautiful spring and summer.  Most plants are dormant and gearing up for the warm months ahead.   It’s going to get warm… flowers are going to bloom, trees and shrubs … [Read more...]

Houseplants Are Special

We want you to love houseplants as much as we do. There are “styles” for everyone! Houseplants are wonderful in terrariums, fairy gardens, on tabletops and as striking floor plants.  With the right container they can be a show stopping focal point in your home or office. Never cared for a plant … [Read more...]