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Benefits Of Preventing Weeds

Timing for Pre-Emergent Weed Preventer It may sound strange to think about lawn weeds while it’s still so chilly outside.  Just remember, “the minute” ground temperatures reach around 50 degrees, Poana, Crabgrass and other weeds start to sprout.  The key is the timing. Pre-emergent herbicides MUST … [Read more...]

All About Roses

Did you know that there are over 100 species roses? It's true! And with all of the different types of roses, there is a lot that goes into the planting, growing and caring for them. At The Family Tree Garden Center, we want to ensure that you have gardening success. Here is our quick guide on … [Read more...]

Soil Testing Day

Believe it or not, great soil is the secret to great garden and lawn success. Having a solid foundation which includes proper pH, airflow, probiotics, nutrients and so much more is essential for healthy growth for this season and years to come.  This SUNDAY is the perfect day to … [Read more...]

Plant Your Love and Let It Grow

At The Family Tree Garden Center, we are committed to offering expert advice and quality to everyone from novice plant lovers to master gardeners. We are proud to offer events and seminars that will teach, entertain and inform our customers. So no matter whether you are that novice plant lover or … [Read more...]

Tips for Spring and Summer Garden Success

Show your garden some love this February!Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, The Family Tree Garden Center has compiled a list of plants to show some love this month in order to see the most success during the Spring and Summer seasons. Let's dive right in!Now is the time to … [Read more...]