Archives for March 2015

Container Gardening: Portable Prettiness

The beauty of container gardens lies not only in their contents, but also in their movability. As last week’s blog post mentioned, container gardens can add instant curb appeal to your home, whether you’re looking to sell it or not. In addition, they can be taken with you to be enjoyed at your new … [Read more...]

Best Trees and Shrubs for Shade

"What trees and shrubs grow well in shade?" is a question that we get a lot at The Family Tree Garden Center and we are excited to say that there are a lot of beautiful plants that can grow and flourish in the shade.We gathered a great list of trees and shrubs that will be perfect for … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal: The Ultimate First Impression

Are you hoping to sell your home quickly? Curb appeal depends on everything between your front door and the street looking fresh and beautiful. Regina Lewis, The Family Tree’s resident garden designer, shares her top tips on how to create the best first impression for prospective buyers. The common … [Read more...]

Harvest to Table: Vegetables

This is the second blog in our Harvest to Table Gardening blog series. In this blog, we are going to focus on growing vegetables in your backyard garden.What could be better than growing your own food straight from your garden? Here is a short list of vegetables The Family Tree Garden Center … [Read more...]

Harvest to Table: Berries

Harvest to Table Gardening can be extremely gratifying. In this blog series, we are going to cover the basics of how to sustainably eat what you grow.You may be aware that the price of berries at the grocery store have continued to increased over the seasons. What better way to cure that problem … [Read more...]