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Proper Pruning Tips

Most plants benefit from regular pruning and maintenance. The key to proper pruning is knowing when to prune and what to prune.In general, the best time to prune most plants is during late winter or early spring before growth begins.The least desirable time is immediately after new growth … [Read more...]

The Best Perennials for Shade

Have you wanted to brighten up those sheltered spots in your landscape? Here are 4 great, easy-to-grow shade plants that will spice up those not-so-sunny areas. Plus, they will come back year after year. Hostas Hostas are among the showiest and easy-to-grow perennial plants that grow in shade. … [Read more...]

Sensational 6th Anniversary Weekend!

6th Anniversary WeekendThe Family Tree wants to thank you for six sensational spring seasons! To celebrate, we’re having a huge sale April 10-12 throughout the store. There are some great deals, including 50% off 1 gallon Hibiscus and annuals as low as 99¢! We’ll have sensational in store … [Read more...]

Tasty Tomatoes!

Last week’s post on container gardening mentioned that tomatoes are an excellent option for pots; they are quick growing and produce fruit all summer. You’re probably thinking “So what? They might grow quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’ll taste good!” Well, let us give you a few tips on how to … [Read more...]