Archives for September 2015

Autumn has Arrived!

Fall is here and so are pumpkins! The Family Tree has just received a load of gorgeous pumpkins and gourds for you to decorate with! Are you tired of just sitting some pumpkins on your porch or table to decorate? Here are a few new do-it-yourself ideas that will wow you with their … [Read more...]

Fall Container Gardening

If you’ve kept up with our blog, you’ll remember that we had a post on creating beautiful container gardens a few months back. Today’s post also covers container gardens, but this time with mix-n-match fall flower ‘recipes’ for jaw-dropping stunners. As a quick reminder, the three main components … [Read more...]

Don’t Commit Crape Murder!

Today's post comes from guest blogger, Tracy Davis. Tracy grew up in New Zealand and graduated with a Horticulture degree from The University of Georgia. Currently, she serves as one of our expert associates here at The Family Tree.I admit that I have been guilty of crape murder. Have you? When … [Read more...]

Gardening 101: The Joys of Fall Annuals

Many people find it hard to decide whether fall or spring is their favorite season; both seasons bring vibrant colors to the landscape! While fall is primarily known for the gorgeous colors that the trees turn, fall and winter loving flowers compliment gardens and containers beautifully. With a … [Read more...]

Fall Vegetable Garden – Healthy Harvest, Tasty Gardening In Cooler Weather

If you had a vegetable garden this summer, you know how wonderful it is to have fresh produce that you grew yourself. Continue enjoying that freshness throughout the fall as well. It’s easy to switch your garden over to fall veggies!What to Grow - Veggies such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, … [Read more...]