Archives for February 2016

Horticulture Oil Spray – Important for Fruit Trees

What is Horticulture (Dormant) Oil spray?  If you are growing fruit trees, this spray is one of the most important sprays to apply.  As the name suggests, it is a spray that is applied during the dormant season of growth which is in the winter or very early spring.  (Usually February-March).  It is … [Read more...]

Add Some Early Color to your Landscape

Bring on the color! This time of year is always the hardest when it comes to achieving color in your landscape. There are berries, colorful foliage, but what about flower color? Pansies and violas will provide color, but this still leaves us yearning for more!  Here are a couple of  'must haves' for … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Spring?

Spring is our favorite time of year – and it's almost here! The weather will warm up and we can get planting! Here is where we would start: Vegetable Gardens Go ahead and plant those vegetables that can take a little frost (there is still a 70% chance till the end of the month).  Snap beans, … [Read more...]

Looking for a Stunning Accent Plant?

Are you looking for a stunning accent plant for your home or garden? Along with beautiful summer bulbs like Gladiolus, Dahlias, Lilies, and Cannas, Angel’s Trumpet and Clematis have arrived at The Family Tree, all ready to be planted for spring and summer flowers.Angel’s Trumpet – A spectacular … [Read more...]

Say Goodbye to Weeds!

If there’s one gardening problem that unifies gardeners, expert or amateur, it's weeds. No matter how carefully you tend your flowerbeds and prep your grass, weeds have a way of cropping up and ruining that lush, livable lawn.  Applying pre-emergents undermines stubborn weeds fighting to infiltrate … [Read more...]