Archives for June 2016

Be Mosquito Free, Naturally!

Mosquito season is upon us! No one likes these pesky bugs and the itchy bites they give, but bug spray can contain toxins and other undesirable ingredients and doesn’t always work. Why not prevent mosquitoes with all natural products that you can grow at home yourself? An easy trick to remember is … [Read more...]

Mulch: Moisture Manager

As the days get progressively hotter, your garden might be reacting adversely to the heat. One solution to keep your garden looking perky in 90+ temperatures is to surround the plants with mulch to help retain moisture and keep a bit cooler. Depending what type of mulch you choose, you’ll be able to … [Read more...]

Visual Merchandiser

We are looking for a highly creative Visual Merchandiser to join our team! You will be responsible for planning and executing retail displays in our gift and décor department as well as greenhouse displays.  This is a part time job. Compensation based on experience.Responsibilities: … [Read more...]

The 10 “Must-Haves” for your Landscape #8 – Hardscaping

This is the eighth in a series of articles on the Ten "Must-Have's" in your Landscape. Pathways, patios, pergolas, potting sheds, - let's see, what else starts with "P" - purse. Hardscape items can sometimes empty your purse a little, but often projects can be done easily by homeowners.  Even though … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Perfect Crape Myrtle

Think of a tree. What would you want that tree to have? Beautiful flowers, great foliage, stunning bark, year round interest? Yes to all? We here in the south love our Crape Myrtles because they have all of that. They love our southern heat and do a great job showing off their bark in the cold … [Read more...]