Archives for August 2016

How to ‘Winterize’ Birds

With fall approaching, it's time to start thinking about how you'll care for your feathered friends throughout the coming cold season. Even though there is plentiful food all around now, birds will soon have a harder time finding food for themselves! Feeding and housing them now will not only keep … [Read more...]

Want Fresh Veggies this Fall? Plant a Cool Season Garden!

If you planted a vegetable garden this spring, you’ve most likely been enjoying the tasty fruits of your labors these past few months! Have you ever considered planting a fall garden? Just because the weather will soon start to cool down doesn’t mean your crop of delicious homegrown veggies has to … [Read more...]

6 Great Benefits of Houseplants!

Did you know? Houseplants can benefit your overall health and wellness in addition to making your home look beautiful and inviting! This season, The Family Tree has received a range of gorgeous houseplants of every shape, color and style. We’ve got hundreds for bright light and low light, large … [Read more...]

How Do I Take Care of My Bonsai Plant?

Have you ever wondered how they get those little trees to grow in unusual shapes in small containers? It is definitely an art form and labor of love to produce some of the stunning tree forms that we stock at the Family Tree Garden Center. It takes years to prune and bend a tree to achieve the … [Read more...]