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Berries For Your Birds

Adding berry producing trees and shrubs to your yard can expand your bird-viewing pleasure. Since fall is the best time for planting, consider adding a few of these “feeders” this time of year. Not only will they offer nutrition to your backyard birds, they will be lovely additions to your … [Read more...]

Top Three Landscape Design Elements

When asked to drill it down to the top three most important things to think about when designing a landscape, our landscape designer has this to say:Think about: Spacing Mature structure (size) of the plant TextureDesigning a landscape can be a monster if you don’t think about the end … [Read more...]

Fall Leaves Are Turning-Keep A Journal

In one of my classes at UGA, we had to keep a fall leaf journal. It was a big grade at the end of the semester but I have to admit, it might have taken the back burner. Why would I care about when and what color the leaves turned other than WHY they turned for a test question? (Oh, that would be … [Read more...]