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The Confederate Rose Story

If I told you there was a super cool plant in the South with legends of a Rebel soldier’s dying breath laced in its white, pink & red flowers, would that perk your ears?The Confederate Rose or hibiscus mutablis is actually not a rose but a hardy hibiscus brought to the … [Read more...]

Perennials All Season Long

Perennial flowers bloom year after year making them a gardener’s dream. But unlike annuals, which bloom all season long, perennials tend to bloom a short amount of time, anywhere from 4-8 weeks. With their short bloom time, they can make a dramatic entrance every year. Planting one or two varieties … [Read more...]

A Bit About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a beloved flowering shrub here in the south.  Here at The Family Tree we carry over 30 types of hydrangeas and get many questions about what to plant where, how to plant and how to maintain the plants from season to season. One of the top questions we get is "How do I … [Read more...]