Add Some Early Color to your Landscape

Bring on the color! This time of year is always the hardest when it comes to achieving color in your landscape. There are berries, colorful foliage, but what about flower color? Pansies and violas will provide color, but this still leaves us yearning for more!  Here are a couple of  ‘must haves’ for your garden to add winter interest.


PrimroseKeep an eye out for these lovely annuals which will be arriving at the nursery soon.  They come in all different colors so they are great to pop into containers or dress up a garden bed for explosions of color.  They love the cooler temperatures so will bloom their heads off until we get hot weather.  Give them good drainage and this time of the year they can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

Lenten Rose

HelleboreAlso called Hellebores, these beauties are a great addition especially if you have shaded locations.  They bloom and bloom, and then bloom some more starting in January and going for months.  Hellebores are an evergreen perennial which means it never goes away!  Such an added bonus for the shade garden. The older varieties self-seed so you end up with lots of little babies which can be spread around your landscape.  The new hybrid varieties have been bred to have more dominant looking flowers in a variety of colors.

Keep your Pansies looking good

pansyPansies are an amazing plant in that they can be covered in snow one day and bounce back the next. However, with the cooler temperatures, fertilization becomes important.  Temperatures below 45 degrees F result in ammoniacal nitrogen not being available to the plant.  Therefore it is important to feed your pansies this time of the year. Make sure your pansy fertilizer also includes nitrogen sourced from nitrates which will be available to the plants in cooler temperatures. Pansies also respond well to deadheading spent flowers.  Try pairing pansies with parsley and other cool loving herbs in your containers and gardens.


  1. My wife is really into gardening so I thought I would surprise her one weekend with some new flowers to plant. I like the sound of those primrose flowers, especially with how colorful they are. I think she would really enjoy those. We really like this time of year because it means that summer is just around the corner. Thanks for the suggestions!

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