Air Plants: Hovering Horticulture

Have you ever seen a plant that doesn’t need the nutrients in dirt to survive? What about plants that absorb water and nutrients through their leaves? If you haven’t, than you need to check out The Family Tree’s new stock of air plants! These exotic plants don’t require much to survive and can grow just about anywhere you please, which makes for many interesting decorating options.

Even if you aren’t a gardener or are afraid you might kill a traditional houseplant, air plants are for you! Caring for your air plant is extremely easy; simply mist it one or two times a week depending on how humid it is in your home. If your air plant looks dried out just soak it in water and it will bounce right back.  It’s important to let the plant dry out after each watering so that it will not rot; make sure there is no standing water if your plant is in a container or terrarium! The only remaining things air plants need are light and air circulation to keep them from becoming too moist.

Because of their unique structure, air plants can be used in a myriad of ways that regular plants just couldn’t manage, including terrariums, wall décor, and bouquets. Be sure to visit The Family Tree to check out our new stock and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales associates to get some ideas on how to display your fabulous air plants!


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