Are you ready for Spring?

Spring is our favorite time of year – and it’s almost here! The weather will warm up and we can get planting! Here is where we would start:

Vegetable Gardens

Go ahead and plant those vegetables that can take a little frost (there is still a 70% chance till the end of the month).  Snap beans, carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, etc.  Tomatoes or peppers are not included in this list!

Flower Gardens


Annual plants may live for only one season, they can make a huge difference in your garden. Annuals will provide you with non-stop color and performance throughout the season.


Perennial plants and flowers take a little longer to bring out their true beauty but can add great life and color to your Spring flower bed.

Summer Bulbs

Our Summer bulbs are in! Shop now to get the best selection of Lilies, Dahlias, Cannas, Gladiolas, Callas and more. Plant summer flowering bulbs AFTER the last frost date. Summer bulbs require a great deal of water immediately after planting and the soil in your garden should be continually moist.

Fruit Trees peaches-8985_1920

Few flower gardens are made up of flowers alone. Trees, shrubs and vines give a garden architecture and bones. And right now at The Family Tree, we have apple, pecan, peach, and persimmon and fig trees!

Our Greenhouse will be full of life and color in just a few short weeks. Come enjoy your Spring at The Family Tree Garden Center.

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