Small Space Shrubs, You Might Not Know How Great They Are.

There are so many shrubs to chose from when you are landscaping and sometimes it can be overwhelming to sort out the numerous varieties and pick the right plant for the right place. There are many small shrubs that you already know about, such as Flirt Nandina, Creeping Gardenia, Buzz Butterfly … [Read more...]

15 Pet Friendly Houseplants

Pets are part of the family! We want to keep them safe and healthy. At the same time, we want our indoor decor to be warm, inviting, and full of life.  Plants add so much to our indoor spaces. Through cleaning the air to living decor, houseplants should be beautiful and pet safe.  Here are … [Read more...]

Fresh Butterfly Bush Varieties From Proven Winners

Proven Winners® has come out with a lovely series! This "MISS" series grows a medium height, just 4-5 feet tall and has a refined, elegant growth habit with intense colors.  It makes a perfect accent for that sunny spot in your garden or yard. 'Miss Molly' is as close to red as you will find in … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Card Sale

Can't decide buy you know dad will LOVE a gift from his happy place?  Here's a great gift card deal for you!Buy a $50 gift card   Get a $10 gift card FREEBuy a $75 gift card   Get a $15 gift card FREE                       … [Read more...]

The Confederate Rose Story

If I told you there was a super cool plant in the South with legends of a Rebel soldier’s dying breath laced in its white, pink & red flowers, would that perk your ears?The Confederate Rose or hibiscus mutablis is actually not a rose but a hardy hibiscus brought to the … [Read more...]