Benefits Of Preventing Weeds

Timing for Pre-Emergent Weed Preventercrabgrass preventer
It may sound strange to think about lawn weeds while it’s still so chilly outside.  Just remember, “the minute” ground temperatures reach around 50 degrees, Poana, Crabgrass and other weeds start to sprout.  The key is the timing. Pre-emergent herbicides MUST be applied BEFORE crabgrass seeds germinate.  The end of February to March 5 is the general rule for application.  An application at the beginning of April may be necessary as well as the first application may dissipate over time.

How to Apply/Can I Apply With Grass Seedcrabgrass
Pre-emergent weed preventer should only be applied to established lawns that will not be over-seeded.  Pre-emergent herbicide, designed to prevent grassy weeds from germinating,  also prevents desired grass seed from germinating. If you have bare areas that you plan on seeding into, do not apply pre-emergent herbicide. Generally speaking, once a pre-emergent herbicide/crabgrass preventer is applied in spring, you cannot effectively seed until fall. (Technically you could 16 weeks from application, but that puts you smack in the hottest part of summer, where seeding would not be advisable.) If you have a poor stand of grass overall to begin with, where seeding a good portion of it would be helpful, you might skip the pre-emergent completely, seed the area, and treat grassy weeds with a post-emergence herbicide as they come. You can use the pre-emergent next spring on your established lawn.

REMEMBER: Read all herbicide labels thoroughly to be sure the product can be used on your particular turfgrass and that it controls the weed(s) you are trying to manage.

Health of Your Lawn
While applying pre-emergent to prevent weeds from sprouting is very important, weeds tend to indicate a breakdown somewhere in your yard’s health.  Quality fertilizer, proper watering and adequate air flow around the roots (earthworms) is very important.

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