Best Trees and Shrubs for Shade

“What trees and shrubs grow well in shade?” is a question that we get a lot at The Family Tree Garden Center and we are excited to say that there are a lot of beautiful plants that can grow and flourish in the shade.

We gathered a great list of trees and shrubs that will be perfect for the shadiest areas of your yard:


There are many different types of Serviceberry plants and we know there is one perfect for your yard. The Serviceberry blooms in the spring, has a great fall color and yields edible June berries which makes it a winner. Plus, there is little pruning involved, making this shrub one of the best low-maintenance options.

Dogwood Dogwood

The Dogwood is a show stopper and has year-round appeal. It has abundant foliage in summer, rich color in fall and berries in late fall and winter. Not to mention, birds love it! No matter what your space, there’s a dogwood species for you.

Virginia Sweetspire

This shrub has a strong, pleasant fragrant, flowers in the summer and a beautiful fall color. We love the Virginia Sweetspire because it doesn’t have many disease or insect problems and it truly works in any landscape!

Rhododendron rhododendron

Believe it or not, the Rhododendron is so popular that it has it’s own society — the American Rhododendron Society. We can’t highlight the 900+ species, but we can say that they bloom in late spring and then have hardy foliage after. If you are looking for a pop of color in the shade, the Rhododendron is for you.

This is just a taste of what you could plant in those shady areas of your garden.

Come in and talk with an expert at The Family Tree Garden Center today to find out what is best option for you and the shadiest parts of your yard.