Boost Your Curb Appeal

The experts at The Family Tree want your home & garden to the best it can possible be and if you are looking for a way to give your home a distinctive look, then you are in luck! Here are five high impact projects that boost your home’s curb appeal:

A gate

A gate makes a real statement about your home can be many styles. But, if it’s charming and attractive, it puts visitors at ease, inviting them to come in. An arch, making the entrance to your front yard, offers instant cottage charm. Grow a flowering vine over it to create a beautiful, inviting focal point.

A small fence

A small fence, or similar structure at the corner of the front yard provides an immediate sense of space. For a featureless front lawn, plant flowering annuals and perennials around it for a welcoming display of color.

A small garden at the mailbox

At most homes, the mailbox is literally at the curb. So a small garden around the mailbox is the most visible way to improve curb appeal. Mailbox plantings should consist of small plants that won’t overwhelm the mailbox itself. They also need to be tough plants. Varieties that can take reflected heat, road salt, and the like. If you can’t supply water, then they need to be very drought tolerant as well. Keep in mind that bees can be a nuisance to mail carriers, so don’t overdo it with plants that attract pollinators.

A bench garden

A bench instantly creates a visual focal point and beckons you into the garden. Such a welcoming feature is one of the easiest and most economical ways to add curb appeal. A bench can go almost anywhere. But it should be visible and accessible for the greatest impact. A spot was created for this bench, with a small bump out of the paving, leading to this home’s front door. A simple, beautiful idea.

Container gardens 

Place containers along the path, or on steps, for a big boost of color. Window boxes also make a big statement.

Call or visit our experts today. They are ready to assist you on the journey of creating the perfect curb appeal.

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