15 Ways To Use Pansies

Pansies and Violas set the stage for a fresh bright spring season. Planting these perky winter/early spring favorites bring seas of color to your gardens and containers from fall to spring. With so many colors to choose, here are some easy ways to incorporate fresh color now before warm season … [Read more...]

Perennials All Season Long

Perennial flowers bloom year after year making them a gardener’s dream. But unlike annuals, which bloom all season long, perennials tend to bloom a short amount of time, anywhere from 4-8 weeks. With their short bloom time, they can make a dramatic entrance every year. Planting one or two varieties … [Read more...]

Earth Day! April 22

Earth Day is on April 22nd and everyone here at The Family Tree just loves to have any excuse to plant! Trees, shrubs and flowers help stave off the effects of climate change, help protect communities from extreme weather, and provide valuable oxygen! Trees have huge impact on … [Read more...]

Ultimate Geranium Container Gardens

Geraniums offer a show from early spring to fall. They blend velvety foliage with large clusters of show-stopping blossoms that range in color from red, pink, rose, salmon, orange, purples, to white. Geraniums look great in flower beds but they perform even better in containers.There are two … [Read more...]

Spring Kick Off Sale

Let's kick off spring with a 20% off sale**! Join us Friday, March 24, 2017, we'll have a greenhouse overflowing with annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs.  You'll get the best selection by shopping early for spring.   We'll have more great specials throughout the store.It gets … [Read more...]