Check-In For Charity at The Family Tree

We are excited to roll out our new donation campaign – Check In For Charity!  We have chosen local charities that we will support through our customers checking in on Facebook at The Family Tree Garden Center.  Starting in September, when a customer checks in on Facebook here at the store, we will donate $1 to the charity that we are sponsoring for that two month period.    

Our first charity is not local but we feel the people who have been affected by HURRICANE HARVEY are our priority right now.  So for every check in during September and October, we will be donating money to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  This hurricane is affecting not just the people along the gulf coast but will essentially affect all of us.  This category 4 storm is the worst to hit the coast in over 50 years.  Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced, injured, lost, and even dead.  Millions of dollars worth of damage will take years to recover.  The people there are in dire straights and need our help!

Here’s How it Works:
Starting September 1, check in to The Family Tree Garden Center on Facebook while you are shopping with us.  For each check in, we will donate $1 to that month’s designated charity. It’s that easy! **Make sure your check in is public so we and everyone else can see that you care!

We’ll have selfie frames available so you can snap a photo and add it to your check in on Facebook, as well as check marks that you can sign your name on and plant in our donation garden to watch the donations grow.

So stop by The Family Tree Garden Center for all your garden, landscape, and home decor needs and help us donate to a great cause!

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