Deer Likes and Dislikes

These plants are known to be less appetizing to deer. Plants on this list should be chosen where deer damage to ornamentals is sever. These plants are less likely to be damaged than other plants. Few, if any, plants are totally resistant. If deer populations are high, if deer become overly tame, or if food is scarce, deer are likely to feed on any ornamental plants. Deer prefer fertilized plants to unfertilized onesand, during dry weather, are more likely to eat plants which have been irrigated.


Bald Cypress               Cherry Laurel               Crape Myrtle               Deodar Cedar               False Cypress

Fir               Ginkgo               Gordonia               Leyland Cypress               Most Holly Trees               Palms

Pines               Red Maple               River Birch               Southern Magnolia               Spruce              Sweetgum



Anise               Banana Shrub               Barberry               Bottlebrush Buckeye               Butterfly Bush

Cotoneaster               Holly               Inkberry               Japanese Rose               Juniper

Leatherleaf Mahonia               Oleander               Ornamental Grasses               Plum Yew              Forsythia

Gardenia               Heavenly Bamboo              Vibernum               Winter Daphne



Allium               Amaryllis               Beebalm             Boltonia               Cardinal Flower               Catmint

Christmas Fern               Cinnamon Fern               Coneflower               Crinum Lily               Eleagnus

Firethorn             Goldenrod               Iris               Lantana               Lenten Rose              Perennial Sunflower

Pinks               Rosemary               Shasta Daisy              Statice               Spirea               Sweetshrub



Ageratum               Alyssum              Annual Periwinkle               California Poppy               Cleome

Coreopsis               Cornflower               Dusty Miller               Forget-me-not               Gaillardia

Lobelia               Marigold               Melampodium              Morning Glory               Pentas              Poppy

Scarlet Sage               Snapdragon               Sweet Pea               Verbena           Wax Begonia              Zinnia


Vines and Groundcovers:

Bugleweed               Carolina Jessamine               Cherokee Rose               Honeysuckle               Periwinkle

Trumpetvine               Wisteria