Fresh Fruit All Season Long!

Believe it or not, fall or winter is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs so that they’ll have time to settle in before spring. The Family Tree just received dozens of new varieties of fruit and nut trees and we couldn’t be more excited for spring! If you love fresh fruit, planting your favorite fruit tree in your yard is the perfect way to enjoy it all season!

Apples – Apples grow well in most parts of Georgia, particularly the northern half of theApple-Fruit state. The key to growing excellent apples is in the amount of sunlight the tree receives each day; you should plant your apple tree in an area that receives sunlight for most or all of the day. You should also mix some lime into the soil to make sure it reaches the ideal pH level for apples. Once you have the perfect location chosen, it’s time to pick which variety you would like!

  • Honey Crisp – A crisp, delicious apple that is both tart and sweet at the same time; perfect for baking or eating as a healthy snack.
  • Fuji – This apple is firm, sweet and tempting; one of the most common apples.
  • Dorsett Golden – Aptly named, this crisp yellow apple ripens in the middle of summer.
  • Winesap Improved – A small, tart apple that is good for baking and makes excellent juice or cider.
  • Gala – One of the world’s most popular varieties, this apple tastes especially good when homegrown.
  • Red Delicious – With its crimson skin and mild flavor, this apple is the most easily recognizable of the varieties.
  • Granny Smith – This hard sour fruit is the quintessential baking apple and can be particularly refreshing when chilled.

Pears – There’s nothing that compares to the perfect pear; the tartness of the skin and the sweet flesh inside. Imagine having fresh pears growing right in your yard, yum! It is important to determine whether you want an orchard or only one tree. If you just want a single pear tree, you will have to get a self-pollinating variety.

  • Baldwin – A popular variety that is delicious and juicy.
  • Orient – Excellent for either cooking or eating, these pears can grow to be very large.
  • Kieffer – A round, hard pear, this variety is perfect for canning or baking.

peachPeaches – Georgia is the peach state, so it’s only right to plant some peach trees in your yard! While central and southern Georgia produce the most peaches, that doesn’t mean that your peach tree won’t thrive wherever it’s planted. As with apple trees, make sure that the spot you’ve chosen to plant your trees is exposed to sunlight for most of the day and that the soil pH is at 6.5 by tilling lime into the soil.

  • Belle of Georgia – The most famous variety, this tree produces high quality fruit.
  • Flordaking – A beautifully flowering tree that will produce luscious sweet peaches toward the end of summer.
  • June Gold – Known for its large size and reddish skin, this variety ripens in June before most others.
  • Red Haven – This variety is known for producing bumper crops of sweet, almost fuzzless peaches.

Figs – Figs do very well in most of Georgia, but they have trouble in the northern mountains. All figs sold in Georgia are self-pollinating, so you don’t need to worry about buying more than one for it to produce fruit. It is important that your soil pH tests between 5.5 and 6.5 for your figs to thrive.

  • Brown Turkey – Bearing juicy delectable fruit, this variety produces not one, but two crops a year: one in late spring and one in early summer.
  • Celestial – A very hardy variety that bears a bountiful harvest of sweet fruit in late June.

Persimmons – This fruit is making a name for itself in the Georgia area. A beautiful shrub-like tree with bright foliage and fruit, it will remind you of summers at the beach.

  • Fuyagiki – A wonderful disease resistant variety that produces sweet, mild fruit that ripens in mid-fall.
  • Hachiya – These persimmons can be extremely sour if eaten before they’re perfectly ripe; once ripe, they will melt in your mouth!

Pecans – You will need wide open spaces for pecan trees because they can grow to be very large. Easy pecansto grow in our Georgia climate, these fabulous trees offer wonderful shade, beautiful bark, and a great place to hang a swing!

  • Pawnee – One of the most planted pecan trees in the US, this hardy variety bears a bumper crop of large nuts 2-3 weeks before other varieties.
  • Choctaw-Known for the large pecans it produces, this variety does best when planted with another variety for cross-pollination.
  • Stuart – An easy to grow variety that requires less pruning and care than others.
  • Jackson – A willowy tree that produces large tasty nuts with thin shells.

Stop by The Family Tree Garden Center for your fruit trees today! Remember, now is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs to have them fully integrated by the time spring rolls around, so come pick out your favorite trees soon! We are always happy to help you choose the best tree for your location so that it will thrive for many years to come.