Designing with Houseplants

There are so many wonderful benefits in incorporating houseplants into your decor. Not only does it bring a natural and fresh feel to the house, it also has great health benefits. In today’s post we are going to touch on how to use houseplants with your home design and great finds at The Family Tree Garden Center.


The image above, by Michael J. Lee was a design done by Katie Rosenfeld an Interior Designer. She used three different types of houseplants: 1. Ficus Lyrata ‘Little Fiddle’ 2. Tiger Fern 3. Japanese Aralia to “add color, texture and life to every room in your home”! How to get started on adding houseplants to your home? Head over to The Family Tree Garden Center and talk to one of our specialists. They will give you great advice and feedback on where to place each plant and how to care for it!


Looking for green options other than houseplants? Try terrariums or miniature gardens and bring your garden indoors! Shop today!

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