DIY Decorations: Floral Wreath

Today’s beautiful wreath from Jennifer at Town and Country Living takes only a few minutes to make and is stunning on a front door, all while being less than half the price of a fancy store-bought wreath from the same materials! What better way to celebrate autumn than by saving some money on your fabulous decorations? So head on over to your favorite craft supply store and pick out some gorgeous fall floral sprigs and get ready to create a masterpiece!floral wreath


1 grapevine wreath form

Several floral sprigs

Hot glue gun



  1. Lay your wreath form in front of you and tuck your first sprig into it so that it lays flat along the wreath. The stem probably will poke out the back, but all you need to do is bend it and tuck it with the grapevines; it’ll blend right in.
  2. Once you have the sprig laying how you’d like it, attach a few of the branches to the wreath with a few dabs of hot glue. If you prefer a simpler wreath, you can stop here.
  3. For a full wreath, continue attaching your floral sprays until you’ve covered the entire wreath.
  4. Hang that baby on your front door and congratulate yourself on a quick and easy DIY!

This wreath is also easily customizable for the holiday season; instead of the bright yellows and oranges of fall, look for deep reds and greens. However, if you want to switch out your floral sprays once fall is over, you’ll have to remember to use florist’s wire instead of hot glue to attach them to your wreath.