DIY Decorations: Pumpkin Wreath

In honor of autumn, The Family Tree will be featuring a series on easy homemade fall wreaths to Circle-Pumpkin-Front-Door-Wreathdecorate with. The Family Tree has an abundance of little mini pumpkins that are just begging to be made into something gorgeous! After hearing their siren call for several days, we found this easy wreath from Ann at On Sutton Place and it is the perfect combination of unusual and traditional. The orange color pops against the background greenery and will make your door stand out from all the others in the neighborhood!

What You’ll Need:

1 grapevine wreath form (you can wire 2 different sizes together if you’d like more depth)

Rosemary garland

12-18 mini pumpkins or enough to fit around the wreath

Florist’s wire


  1. If you’ve gotten two wreath forms, stack the smaller one on top of the large one and wire them together in at least four places.
  2. Wrap the rosemary around the wreath until you like the way it looks and then wire that on in several places
  3. Arrange your pumpkins on the wreath to determine how many you’ll need and the best fit
  4. Begin attaching your pumpkins to the wreath. To do this, you’ll need about 20 inches of wire; loop the middle of the wire tightly around the pumpkin’s stem and then wrap the ends down around the rest of the pumpkin, making sure that it fits into the creases. Position the pumpkin on the wreath and poke the wires down into the grapevine and twist several times to secure.
  5. Continue wiring the pumpkins on until all are attached.

Hang your wreath on your door and enjoy all the compliments that you receive! Do note that this wreath can get a bit heave because of the pumpkins, so take that into account when choosing a hanger. Be sure to stop by The Family Tree to pick up some mini pumpkins to start making your wreath today!