DIY Flowerpots for The Birds

DIY potsDIY Project For Birds & Flowers
(Compliments of Home Stories)

Birds, flowers, and a craft for your garden.  What could be better?  This easy DIY project will create smiles with the seasons.
Make it your own by using your own measurements and judgment. These are guidelines to follow so be creative and add your own flair, pot sizes, rebar size, birdbath top, paint color, etc.

As a starting guideline, you will need:

  • 1 – 8″ tall terracotta pot for the base
  • 4 – 6″ tall pots
  • 1 – 4″-5″ tall pot
  • 62 inch piece of rebar: Lowes said they could cut it but if they won’t you may need to purchase a hacksaw for this project. It’s about $5.
  • Spray paint primer. (Or just keep it the natural color)
  • Spray paint in your color choice. (If you want to paint it)
  • Pot saucer or large bowl
  • Little ceramic bird (Optional but uber cute.)
  • DAP Household/Aquatic Adhesive (If you want a birdbath at the top. If you are making a birdfeeder, you don’t need the adhesive.)

Now for the fun:
Step 1.  Prime and paint your pots (if you want color, that is).

Step 2: Measure the height of all of your pots and then add 24 inches to that number to determine the length of your rebar. Cut your rebar to size using a hacksaw. Use a hammer to pound the rebar into the ground at least two feet down so that it will hold your heavy pots.

Step 3: Thread your pots onto the rebar and fill with soil. Alternately tilt each pot from right to left, filling with soil as you go.

Step 4: Take the pot saucer (or bowl with a hole in the middle) and place it onto the top of the rebar. The bowl will be resting on the top flower pot but the rebar should thread all the way up into the birdbath bowl. (If you are using the bowl for a birdbath – use DAP household/aquatic adhesive to attach the bird and to seal around the gap between the bowl and rebar hole. The adhesive takes a day to cure, so done fill your bowl with water yet.  If it’s a birdfeeder, no need for adhesive.)

Step 5: Plant your flowers and enjoy!

Step 6: Fill the top bowl for your birds and watch the fun!

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