Downton Abbey® Rose Anna’s Promise™

Anna’s ProAnna's Promisemise™, named for Anna Bates from the television show Downton Abbey® is the first in the Downton Abbey Series of roses.  This new introduction has been much anticipated.
This first introduction praises the true heart and integrity of Anna, lady’s maid to Lady Mary Crawley in the wildly popular Downton Abbey drama series. The unique color combination of golden petals with a pink blush and glowing bronze reverse is a fitting representation of Anna’s character. It seems to glow and sparkle!  Elegant blossoms surrounded by glossy, green foliage, exude a spicy, fruit fragrance. This graceful plant includes strong blossom stems for bouquets in the parlor.

Flower Color:Bicolor golden tan & pink blush with a copper reverse
Fragrance:Moderate fruity with slight spices
Bud Form:Long, pointed & elegant
Flower Form:Double, single or in small clusters
Flower Size:Medium, up to 4-inch diameter
Petal Count:Around 35
Stem Length:Medium
Plant Habit:Medium/tall
Growth Habit:Very upright
Foliage Color:Deep glossy green
Disease Resistance:Good
Hybridizer:Tom Carruth—2015
Parentage:Voodoo x About Face
Introduced By:Weeks Roses—2015
Collection:Downton Abbey Rose Collection