Fairy Festival

Alert! Alert! Fabulous fairy gardens wanted for contest! On Saturday, October 17, The Family Tree will be hosting its first ever Fairy Festival and we couldn’t be more excited about everything planned. There will there be fun, games, and real fairies. Don’t forget to dress up in your favorite fairy or gnome outfit to attract even more fairies!

We want you to show off your creativity in our fairy garden contest! You can bring your fairy garden and set it up in our special “fairies & gnomes only” arena anytime from 10:00 to 11:30 and then the winners will be announced at 12:30. All fairy gardens welcome! Whether it’s a tiny acorn garden, a shoe box gnome home, or an elaborate fairy city, we want to see where your fairies and gnomes live! We will have three different age categories for contest participants: 8 years old and under, 9-16 years old, and 17 and up years old. So go ahead and start attracting fairies by creating a fabulous fairy garden or make sure your current one is in tip-top shape for the 17th!

In case you’re fresh out of ideas, here is some helpful background info on fairies and what they like. If you’re interested in what types of fairies you should plan your garden for or what kinds of food to provide, be sure you read these posts!

Types of Fairies

How to Attract Fairies

What do Fairies Eat?

Enjoy crafts, games, story time, and hunting fairy’s treasures. Don’t miss tea time at 1:00 pm with a special fairy. Taste fairy treats and tea will Miss Fairy Manners teaching you proper etiquette for drinking tea and eating cookies. Here’s the planned schedule for the day:

Games and crafts 10:00-2:00pm
Learn the basics for building the perfect fairy garden/terrarium seminar 10:30
Tour our real Fairy Garden 10:30-2:00pm
Story time:  11am
Treasure Hunt: 11:30am
Contest winners announced 12:30
Tea Time and Etiquette with Miss Fairy Manners: promptly at 1:00pm

Be sure to put The Family Tree’s Fairy Festival on your calendar; we can’t wait to see you and your gorgeous fairy garden!