Fairy Week: How to Attract Fairies

fairy doorNow that you know about the types of fairies that are the easiest to attract to your yard, it’s time to work on making your garden the best possible place for a fairy to live. Having fairy garden is a surefire way to attract fairies. This can be anything from a whole corner of your yard, a pot with a miniature garden in it, or even just adding a fairy door to a tree. By far the most fun to make is the miniature garden; The Family Tree has an adorable array of little plants and accessories to use! Here are some items to include in your fairy garden to ensure that you will have fairies flocking to live in it:

Flowers – Because all of the fairies mentioned in the last post are of the nature-loving variety, the easiest way to attract one of them is by adding colorful flowers and bushes to your garden. Not only can the blooms be used for clothing and decorations, but certain plants, such as ferns and tulips, are used for beds.

Water Features – Fairies love the sight and sound of running water, so if you don’t have a stream running through the garden, consider adding a bubbling fountain to make your fairy friends feel at home.

pahls-fairy-gardenWind Chimes – Music is one of the other things that fairies adore; for instance, dryads often hold concerts under the full moon. Placing a variety of wind chimes in your garden will lure fairies in to discover the source of the beautiful sounds.

Hummingbird Feeders – While these are much too large to fit in your fairy garden, placing them nearby is an excellent idea because these tiny birds serve as transportation for the fairy population. Fairies also enjoy riding on butterflies, so planting butterfly weed or a butterfly bush near your garden will earn you the fairies approval.

The final important step in attracting fairies to your garden is simple: just ask. If you are sincere and can show the fairies the beautiful miniature garden you’ve created just for them, they will jump at the chance to live with you! Remember, everyone at The Family Tree will be happy to help you if you’re not sure what to add to your fairy garden, so stop by any time.

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