Fairy Week: Types of Fairies

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. – ‘Peter Pan’ J.M.Barrie

This week’s blog posts will be all about fairies and how to attract them to your garden. We will cover such topics as different kinds of fairies, where fairies live, and how to attract fairies to your garden. Today serves as the base for the series because without knowing about the different types of fairies, it’s impossible to figure out what kind you would like to attract to your home! These types can be separated into four categories:

Butterfly Fairies – These beautiful creatures are recognizable by their brightly-colored butterfly wings. Because they love to play with their butterfly friends, these fairies can be difficult to distinguish while fluttering around!flower fairy

Flower Fairies – The hippies of the magical world, these whimsical fairies love to dress themselves in flowers and other woodland wonders. Flower fairies are the most common ones found living near humans because they are drawn to beautiful gardens.

Tree Fairies (Dryads) – These fairies are the spirits of trees and, as such, are usually tall and slender with flowing hair. When they walk, anyone who sees them is instantly reminded of branches swaying in a gentle wind. Dryads love music and their concerts can be heard on clear, moonlit nights, if you listen very carefully.

Earth Fairies – Cheerful and gregarious, these fairies tend to live in groups. They can be recognized by their brown or green skin, which helps them blend into the earth. One of the things that earth fairies love best are colorful stones, which they collect.

Hopefully this post has enlightened you on the different types of fairies that love nature and helped you decide which you would like entice into your garden. Be sure to check back soon for the next post in the series to learn even more about our magical friends!

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