Fairy Week: What do Fairies Eat?

Today marks the finale of our wonderful series on fairies; we’ll be focusing on what fairies eat. Now that you have a backyard full of fairies, I’m sure you want to keep them happy and healthy! While you probably will never actually see a fairy eating, it is something they enjoy doing and they gravitate towards natural foods; no potato chips or ice cream for them!

fairy strawberryFruits – Fairies love fruits of any kind, but especially berries because they’re small and sweet, just like the fairies themselves. Planting some berry bushes or a fruit tree near your fairy garden will not only provide fairies with food, but you can have a snack as well when you’re visiting your friends!

Milk – I don’t know why, but there’s just something about magical creatures makes them love milk; maybe it’s that faint sweetness that gets them. People in Medieval times would set a bowl of milk outside their doors at night to distract any unkind magical beings from coming into the house. Good thing we don’t have that problem with our fairies! Nevertheless, if you set out a bowl of milk, your fairies will thank you.

Honey – Fairies devour anything with honey in, on, or around it and love to sneak into beehives to steal some of the golden deliciousness inside. Because of this, bees have developed a habit of buzzing with worry all the time, whether there are fairies around or not! You might be wondering how fairies don’t get stuck in the honey because they’re so small. Well, the only answer I can give to that is because they’re magical. Don’t you wish you were magical sometimes when you’re eating honey?

Now, I’m going to let you in on a secret: there is one food that fairies love that most definitely is NOT natural. Fairies have tremendous sweet tooths (in case you hadn’t noticed from the items above!) and when someone dropped this food, they were all over it. Jellybeans are a fairies most desired food, however, they can’t eat more than a few of them because they get too silly and can get into trouble! So, while you can leave your fairies some jellybeans every now and then, do not make it a regular occurrence unless you want unusual things happening in your yard!

As always, stop by The Family Tree for all your fairy needs, be it advice or gardening supplies. Ask for Nanci, our resident fairy gardening expert, and she can answer all your questions.

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