Fall is Here and Prime for Planting!

Fall is here and that means that it’s time to root for your favorite football team! But while rooting for your team is footballsecond nature, what about rooting for your plants? Fall is the prime time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials because it allows them to establish their root systems so that when spring comes they can direct all their energy to blooming!

The fall season gives the plants time to develop stronger roots and give them a head start on spring. Thanks to the summer heat, the soil temperatures will remain warm pansieswell into fall; this, combined with the autumn rains, gives new trees and shrubs the chance to spread their roots and firmly establish themselves in their new environment.

To plant your trees and shrubs during the cooler season, dig a hole that is just deep enough to fit the root ball, but is twice as wide. Making the hole double wide provides softened soil for new roots to spread in and find additional water resources. When filling in the soil around the plant, cover it only to where the roots emerge from the tree trunk. If you have any questions, here is a quick, printable reference guide for planting trees and shrubs! As with any plant, be sure to give your new tree or shrub plenty of water while they adjust to their new environment. You might need to give some trees extra support, so be sure to ask a staff member at The Family Tree before you leave fall-treeand they can provide the answer depending on the size and species of plant.

Visit The Family Tree and let us help you find the perfect new shrub or tree to plant this fall so that you can enjoy beautiful blooms in the spring!