There are so many reasons! Many gardeners think that the moment that spring arrives, that it is prime time to get outside and plant. Spring is a great time, of course, however, the fall is one of the best times to plant trees, shrubs, and bulbs for a number of reasons.

With cool air and the changing of leaves, it’s time to enjoy fall but it is also a great time to think forward for spring and summer. Even though the air feels cold, the soil is still warm from the summer months. Roots will continue to grow in the warm soil establishing a more solid foundation for your plants.  Stronger roots means stronger plants for when the harsh summer comes around and water may be scarce.  Cool weather typically means more rain showers in Georgia which is great for your newly planted plants.  It also could mean a smaller water bill!

Think about some of the plants with beautiful bark such as birch, dogwoods, and cherry trees.  These plants are stunning in the spring and summer.  Giving them a solid foundation in the fall will help them create a show for you later.

What to plant in the fall?

  • Spring bulbs: Spring-blooming bulbs need a number of days of cold to bloom.  They should always be planted in the fall.  Choose your bulbs now for best selection and plant them in November and December.  Need ideas for spring bulbs? Try daffodil, tulips, hyacinths grape hyacinth, crocus, Siberian squill, allium, fritillaria, English bluebell, and anemones.  Each of these pop up at different times so experiment with different varieties.
  • Vegetables: Your vegetable garden needs attention in the fall as well as the spring. Great cool season vegetables are tasty and healthy.  Plant peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes, rutabaga, spinach, and Swiss chard now.  When these vegetables are done producing, give your garden a healthy dose of lime, compost and winter fertilizer for a spectacular garden in the spring and summer.
  • Perennials: Beautiful selections have arrived.  A great tip for your perennials: set out a marker with the perennial’s name on it so that when they pop up in the spring and summer, you will be able to remember the name and variety.
    1. It is also a great time to divide your perennials like hosta, daylilies and iris.
  • Trees and Shrubs: Fall is a perfect season for planting trees and shrubs. The weather is cool but the soil is still warm which is great for root development. Start the process before winter so the roots can grow before the ground freezes.  The frozen ground insulates healthy roots and prepares the plant for a strong spring and summer.

Get out and enjoy this fabulous weather!  Your plants will thank you!

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