Flocked Live Christmas Trees


If you have visited the Christmas winter wonderland at the Family Tree Garden Center over the last few years you would have noticed all those white trees that look like they have been freshly dusted with snow.  Flocked trees are becoming more and more popular as people not only appreciate their beauty, but realize just how easy they are to look after.  They don’t require watering and they don’t drop needles!

We flock our own trees and this year we aim to have plenty for you to choose from.  The flocking material is wood pulp and adhesive.  It is non-toxic (so pet-friendly), flame retardant, and adheres to the needles of the tree sealing the needles in place.   Flocked trees also come on their own tree stand!

There are a few tips when choosing a flocked tree:

  • After the flocking process, the tree has to dry for a day or two and if it is raining, this will hinder the drying process.  You can tell if a tree is dry by touch.  It should feel crunchy and not squishy.   We will advise you on what trees are dry and ready to go to a good home.  You can also look at the date on the tree tag which will show when it was flocked.
  • When a flocked tree is purchased, we will wrap it in a huge plastic bag so that you can transport it home.  Don’t leave the tree in the bag for too long, but leave the bag on until you get the tree into the house and where you want it.  Then you just untie the bag, and lay the bag under your tree skirt so that you can re-use the bag for easy removal of the tree at the end of the holidays.
  • Lights with green strands don’t look as good as white lights with white strands on flocked trees.  We have white strand lights for you.
  • Don’t water the tree!  Water will dissolve the cellulose.  For this reason, it is not a good idea to transport a tree when it is raining.

So if you have been thinking of trying a flocked tree, now you know how easy they are! We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook ,Twitter,  Google+!