FREE Seminar this Saturday: Buddy Lee at The Family Tree

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Back by popular demand, The Family Tree Garden Center is hosting a FREE seminar with the creator of the Encore Azalea, Buddy Lee! If you are looking to learn all about the new plants that are being introduced this year, you must attend! Buddy will be discussing some great planting tips, new plants that are being introduced this year and more! Join us this Saturday, October 10 – 11am as Buddy discusses “New Plant Explosion”.

In recent years, new plant cultivars have become the “rage.”  Which plants will you have success with? Well-known plant breeder Buddy Lee, inventor of Encore Azaleas, will present some new plant introductions, including new releases from the Southern Living Plant Collection and Encore Azalea Collections. Buddy will discuss proper placement, planting and care tips for each new plant release to ensure gardening success. Some of the new plants that Buddy will present are: Sunshine Ligustrum, Lemon Lime Nandina, and Dear Delores Hydrangea.

Buddy Lee is one of the most respected plant breeders and horticulturists in North America. With over 30 years’ experience in nursery management, breeding, propagation and new plant development, Buddy serves as Director of Plant Innovations for PDSI, the plant innovation company that manages the Encore® Azalea and the Southern Living® Plant Collection.

As Director, he oversees new plant development and evaluations. Buddy is an entertaining world renowned speaker on plant propagation, breeding and development.

Surrounded by azaleas from a very young age, Buddy’s interest in plants began at age 15 and at 16 he began learning about different species of plants and starting collecting cuttings. In the 80’s he saw an azalea blooming in July and said “I want that.” In 1990 he began breeding early blooming azaleas with late bloomers. Over many years he developed the Encore Azalea which now has over 30 varieties.

Buddy is active in numerous organizations, including the Azalea Society of America, the International Plant Propagators Society, and the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association.
He is past president of the Azalea Society of America, on the Board of International Plant Propagators Society-Southern Region, and director of plant innovations for Plant Development Services (Encore Azalea, Southern Living® Plant Collection and Sunset Western Garden Collection.)

We are honored to have Buddy Lee speak at The Family Tree this Saturday, Oct. 11 at 10am.He will present many new varieties of plants that he has helped introduce, give planting and propagation tips, and answer questions about best growing practices.

Join us this Saturday! We can’t wait to see you! We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook ,Twitter,  Google+!