Prepare Your Yard for Fall!

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Fall is finally here and that means it’s time to starting thinking about prepping your yard and garden for gorgeous fall plants, as well as for lush spring growth. The changing season of autumn can bring life into your garden as you prepare for a new planting season.

Plan ahead

Draft a garden map and mark any areas where you experienced frequent problems with weeds, pests, moisture problems, or non-producing plants. Then call The Family Tree to schedule a FREE 20 minute Quick Sketch appointment with one of our landscape designers. This meeting will give you many ideas to breath new life into your landscape! More information on this wonderful free service can be found here.

Take care of your lawn

Fall is the time to prepare your lawn to look golf-course fabulous come spring! You should put down your first round of crabgrass preventer now to keep any of those pesky weeds from taking root over the winter. In addition, if you’re looking to plant new fescue, now is the time to put down seed. However, do not put down seed if you also have applied crabgrass preventer, as it will also prevent the fescue seeds from germinating.

Apply fertilizer

Fall is the time to apply winterizer fertilizer to your lawn to keep it healthy and happy until spring. Brands such as Pennington® are designed to be used in the fall to give grass a boost of nutrients to help them weather the colder winter months.

Add mulch

If you are considering adding new plants from The Family Tree, now is a good time to replenish your mulch. A new layer will both help insulate the new plants’ roots and help retain moisture as we head into a drier winter season.

Take care of your perennials and annuals

Now that your container and flower gardens have endured the brutal summer heat, it’s time to refresh them with bright fall blooms! The Family Tree has beautiful Marigolds, Pansies, Ornamental Peppers, and Cosmos, just to name a few; be sure to stop by to browse our wide selection.

It’s a great time to plant trees and shrubs

Believe it or not, fall is the perfect time to plant those new trees and shrubs you’ve been eyeing! Not only are the more moderate fall temperatures kinder to new plants, but also to you as you work in the yard. Be sure to add landscape fertilizer to any new plants to give them that extra boost they’ll need to prepare for winter.

Protect yourself from pests

As the weather gets colder, ants and other outside pests are more likely to invade the rich soil in your garden and the warm climate inside your home. Either call in a professional or choose some good pest deterrent products at The Family Tree to prevent a normal nuisance from becoming an infestation.

Plant your fall vegetable garden

If you’ve enjoyed a fruitful garden over the summer, why not continue doing so throughout autumn? Turning your summer garden into a fall garden can be as simple as adding fresh fertilizer to the soil and switching out your tomatoes and beans for veggies that thrive in cooler weather. We have a wide selection at The Family Tree and would be happy to help you choose the best veggies for your garden!

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