Gardening with: Succulents

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to water your plants so often in this heat?  For a welcome change, why not try succulents? These plants are similar to the cactus and store water in their thick, fleshy leaves. Because they thrive in hot, dry climates, succulents only need to be watered on occasion! In addition to their water retaining properties, succulents also come in a variety of interesting shapes and colors. It’s so easy to incorporate succulents into your garden; here are a few of the varieties that The Family Tree carries!

Sedum – Also known as Stonecrop, this low growing, spreading succulent is perfect for planting insedum container gardens or among rocks as a groundcover. Sedum is an easy plant to grow and only needs good drainage and sunshine to thrive. Its colorful flowers will brighten up any garden!

hen and chicksHens and Chicks – This little succulent gets its name from the way it spreads: the original ‘hen’ plant is surrounded by new growth, or ‘chicks.’ While the shape of the plant will always resemble an artichoke, the leaves can come in a wide variety of shapes and colors!aloe

Aloe – Probably the best known succulent, aloe is prized for the soothing sap in its leaves. While you
can plant it outside (and bring it in in the winter), aloe makes an excellent potted plant in the kitchen, where it is easily accessible when minor burns occur! Just pinch off a leaf and use the “jelly” inside on cuts and burns for instant relief.

echeveriaEcheveria –  Echeveria can be found in a rainbow of colors, ranging from pale green to deep purple. Its rosette formation will make it stand out whether it’s planted in a garden bed or a container!

Be sure to stop by The Family Tree to browse our selection of succulents; we love helping people choose the perfect shape and color for their gardens!

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