Gardening with: Toe Ticklers

Have you ever seen a beautifully styled yard in a home or gardening magazine and wondered how they did it? The answer istoe tickler yard most likely toe ticklers! The plants affectionately known as toe ticklers are a group of creeping plants that can withstand foot traffic and still look good. Any of these plants look exceptional planted as groundcover, in between stepping stones, or along pathways and in containers.

Creeping Jenny – This vine is an all around winner; it will grow in both sun and shade and is drought tolerant as well! Its golden yellow foliage gains an orange tinge in the fall, making everywhere it grows glow with autumnal color.

Blue Star Creeper – Evergreen in warm climates, this toe tickler is almost completely covered in beautiful blue blooms in the spring! It makes for a stunning view when used between stepping stones in a pathway!

blue star creeperElfin Thyme – You might use thyme in your recipes, why not in your garden? This evergreen thyme is covered in lavender flowers in summer and produces a lovely aroma when stepped on.

Mazus – This vigorous grower is the perfect choice for between pavers or to cover a large bare patch in your yard! Once planted, it fills out quickly into a dense carpet and will soon be producing blue or white flowers.

The Family Tree carries a variety of these lovely little plants; stop by today to choose the best one for your garden. Our friendly associates are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our selection!