Get Started: Lawn Care and Maintenance

We are approaching that time of year when our lawns will require a little care and attention.  If you maintain your lawn yourself, then there is a very useful calendar that the University of Georgia publishes that sets out when you should fertilize, apply pre-emergent weed herbicides, aerate and many other things.

UGA has published a calendar for each grass type and we have added these calendars to our website so that you can refer to them easily and also print a copy for your records.  You will find the calendars under Tips & Advice – Lawns.

CrabgrassThere are two main things that need to be taken care of in the next couple of months.  March is one of the best months to apply a spring pre-emergent, so if you haven’t done this already, do it soon.  This will take care of the summer annual weeds such as crabgrass.  All types of grass need this spring pre-emergent.

Fertilizer will need to be applied and the best month for the first application is May, provided the lawn is at least 50% green and soil temperatures have reached 65 degrees.   This applies to all turfgrasses except Fescue which would have been fertilized in February or March.

Fescue sodding and seeding can be done in March.  Sodding for Bermuda and Zoysia can be done from April through to September.  We will continually be receiving fresh sod, so check with us to see what is available.

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