Harvest to Table: Berries

Harvest to Table Gardening can be extremely gratifying. In this blog series, we are going to cover the basics of how to sustainably eat what you grow.

You may be aware that the price of berries at the grocery store have continued to increased over the seasons. What better way to cure that problem by growing your own berries in your very own garden?

blueberries-509883_1280Backyard Berries

Here is what you need to consider when growing your own berries:

  1. Decide which berry you would to grow. In general, all berries need full sun and, with the exception of blueberries, need neutral soil.
  2. Once you decide, soil preparation is crucial. The soil pH needs to be very acidic – about 4.8. Begin by finding your soil’s pH with a soil test. The pH can be lowered – or made more acidic – several ways, including soil amendments.
  3. Plant and start growing.
  4. And finally, enjoy! Because no matter which berry you decide grow, we guarantee that it will never forget the moment when you lift the leaf and see your very first ripe berry of the season! When you pick, taste and enjoy your first berry under the warm sun, you will know you have succeeded.

Find more information on each garden berry from our friends at Burpee.

Have questions about harvest to table gardening for berries? The experts at the Family Tree Garden Center are here to help. We have a selection of berries for you to choose from. So stop by our center or give us a call at 770-972-2470. We would love to assist you on your gardening journey!