Harvest to Table: Vegetables

This is the second blog in our Harvest to Table Gardening blog series. In this blog, we are going to focus on growing vegetables in your backyard garden.

What could be better than growing your own food straight from your garden? Here is a short list of vegetables The Family Tree Garden Center recommends you plant in your backyard vegetable garden — crops that are easy to grow and expensive to buy in the store.

Backyard Vegetables: cabbage

Peas – Plant these first this spring because they have a short season of 50 – 60 days. Peas need well-drained soil and do best in raised beds and large planters. Stagger the planting time every two weeks to extend the harvest. Peas also contribute to the health of the soil by fixing nitrogen.

Lettuce – There are many varieties of lettuce. Large, head-forming lettuces like iceberg and butterhead can be planted single file in rows, which makes mulching easy.

Tomatoes – There are many varieties to choose from— cherry, table and paste tomatoes. The plants will need tall stakes, which should be set when the plants are transplanted. Some people prefer to use wire cages. In either case, the plants will need to be tied to the stakes as they grow, which takes a little time. Tomatoes do best when their leaves are kept dry.

Squash – Zucchini and yellow squash are compact, easy to grow plants which provide great summer vegetables. Winter varieties take more room to grow but are a highly valued winter vegetable.

This is just a taste of the vegetables you could grow in your backyard garden. Find more information on other vegetables from our friends at Burpee. Read more about garden berries from last week’s blog post.

Have questions about harvest to table gardening? The experts at the Family Tree Garden Center are here to help. We have a selection of vegetables for you to choose from. So stop by our center or give us a call at 770-972-2470. We would love to assist you on your gardening journey!