Have a beautifully landscaped lawn and garden!

We’ll plant it, you enjoy it!

Our professional staffs of landscapers are well trained and will deliver, set-up, plant and cleanup the plants that you have worked hard to pick out.  We’ll make sure it’s done right.  With a little help from us, transforming your lawn can be easy, affordable and quick! We can plant your top quality, beautiful plants from The Family Tree within the same week. No job is too large or too small to have a beautiful landscape with a little help from your friends at The Family Tree Garden Center!

landscape front yardWhether you want to plan a tranquil garden or a show stopping front yard, our Certified Landscape Architect, Bruce Holliday can create a design with your personality in mind. Bruce has over 30 years experience in design and landscaping. He has an expert knowledge of the metro Atlanta growing conditions and an extensive plant profile list.

Our quality landscaping service includes installing an entire planned landscape, or planting a small area. Our professional landscape services include crosstie and stone walls, patios, ponds, large and small trees and shrubs, annual beds and so much more. We can make the outdoor space of your dreams! Our landscaper will meet with you on-site and give you a quote on the cost of your landscaping. We also have a professional planting service that will plant trees, shrubs, bedding plants or a vegetable garden. Just ask for details or take a look at our Planting Service Page. Call 770-972-2470 for details.

We are very proud of our highly professional landscaping service. Our designer will meet with you, develop a look for your area and give you an estimate for installing the landscape. No fuss! Your yard will look beautiful in no time! No area is too big or too small, and if you want to break it up and install a little at a time, just ask. We can develop a plan for that too!

Don’t want a drawn design? No problem. Our designer will discuss options for planting, drainage, plant removal, renovation ideas, foundations, curb appeal or general landscaping needs, just call to set up an appointment.


  1. My wife has been wanting to have a garden of her own ever since she was little. Now that we finally live in a home with a yard, she is wanting to get a garden started as soon as she can. We aren’t sure how to get one started though, but after reading this, I see that there are services that we can call to help us out. I’ll suggest this to her and see what she thinks about it.

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