Houseplants Are Special

We want you to love houseplants as much as we do. houseplantsThere are “styles” for everyone! Houseplants are wonderful in terrariums, fairy gardens, on tabletops and as striking floor plants.  With the right container they can be a show stopping focal point in your home or office.

 Never cared for a plant of your own before?
Start with a Spider plant, Snake plant, Zee Zee plant or Peace Llily. These beauties can be somewhat neglected and will still love you.

Houseplants are excellent for senior citizens.
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension gave a class on houseplant care, and houseplants to a number of senior citizens. They found that the senior citizens enjoyed taking care of their plant and considered it “much like a companion,” suggesting that houseplants can bring positive vibes not just to older people, but to anyone who is lonely. And there are lots of other reasons to bring plants into your home: several studies have linked houseplants to the reduction of stress and indoor air pollution.

Have you ever wondered why it’s typical to bring plants to hospital patients?
Research published suggests that hospital patients tend to feel better if there is a houseplant in the room.

Improve your quality of life and indoor air quality by raising indoor plants.
Houseplants have been known to clear airborne toxins in your home.

What’s more!
Along with offering a feeling of well-being, companionship, and cleaning the air, houseplants are just plain pretty in your home or office.

We want to help you pick the perfect houseplant! Stop by The Family Tree and browse our extensive collection of pots and plants to find the ideal combination.

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